'The Gauntlet' is a voluntary course evaluation that allows GSPro designers to submit their courses for review by Mashie and Masta. Courses that go through The Gauntlet are scrutinized and awarded a badge based on their merit. The goal is reward designers for the time and effort it takes to built their beautiful works of art. 

Ace Awards

Ace is our highest honor. An Ace is a GSPro course that is flawless, beautiful, and immersive. These are considered the flagship courses within GSPro. An Ace will be a course the you play repeatedly and use to show off your simulator to your friends. Aces are rare gems!  

RevelStoke - RustyDave

Georgia Golf Club - Tekbud

Wynn Golf Club - Rdeyer and AllArms

Golf Club of Phoenix - RunPuddRun and Rdeyer

Muirfield Village - Pakman and CE Simgolf

Whistling Straits - Tekbud and Justin

Birdie Awards

A Birdie is awarded to any course that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements for GSPro. A course achieving the Birdie award has great detail, consistent hues and colors, and acceptable performance levels. Birdie courses are a great achievement above and beyond the honor of getting a course published to GSPro.
  • Mark Bostick Golf Course - RunPuddRun